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You can help provide free therapy for Trans People

Written by Danna Bodenheimer

In a world that is seeking to erase trans people, we are here to fight for trans lives, for trans mental health, and for trans visibility. Our nonprofit partner, the Walnut Wellness Fund, does this by providing full scholarships for psychotherapy to low-income trans people. This therapy is trauma-informed, gender-affirming, and conducted with incredible care and intentionality.

If you have been following the news lately, you know that this country is involved in a legislative war against trans people. There are 47 states, at this exact moment, all working to enact some sort of anti-trans laws. Those laws might mean that trans people can’t play sports, can’t use public bathrooms, can't dress as themselves, or at the worst, can't receive medical care that would save their lives. The goal of this war is to make it impossible to be trans in public, and ultimately to be trans at all.

The outcome is a massive mental health crisis in the trans community. The hatred fueling this legislative war is ruining psyches. Trans people can't live safely out in the world, and as a result, can't live safely within the privacy of their own minds, either.

Walnut Wellness Fund tries to shift this by offering mental health care for trans people that reminds them of their essential importance, goodness, and creativity. WWF reminds them of their worth or introduces them to the very idea that their lives have worth to begin with.

The Walnut Wellness Fund offers a simple and powerful way to create change. Every $75 donated directly funds one therapy session. Each session is 50 more minutes in a trans person's life in which they can be seen as their true self. For many scholarship participants, that 50 minutes may be the only time during their whole week in which they can truly and safely be themselves.

I hope you will consider making a donation today, on Trans Day of Visibility, to help provide the space for trans people to be seen, heard, and known for who they truly are. Please, visit the Walnut Wellness Fund website to submit your tax deductible donation.

Most sincerely,

Danna Bodenheimer


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