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Information for our current clients

TheraNest Portal


If you're seeing a therapist at Walnut, you can use our online portal to:

  • View upcoming appointments

  • Pay a bill

  • Download superbills to submit out-of-network claims

  • Sign forms

  • View or download forms or paperwork you have signed, including our policies, intake paperwork, COVID waiver, and more

  • Update your payment card info

  • Update your contact info

  • Update your emergency contact

If you don't already have a TheraNest portal login,

email to have a signup link emailed to you.

Want to become a client?


If you're not already a client at Walnut, please reach out to us through the contact form. Do not create a TheraNest portal account; this will NOT add you to the waiting list.

There are two ways you can update card information in the client portal:


Pay the balance directly: Sign in to the online portal and click the link at the top called "make a payment." There, you'll see the invoices with a balance due, and you can make a payment with whatever card you like. When you do this, you can also save the card to your file for us to automatically charge in the future.

You can also add a new card to your file, without making a payment at the same time: To update your saved card info, sign in to the online portal and click the link on the top left called "$ Billing." On the billing page, look to the right for the Credit Card section. You can add and delete the saved card info here. However, the portal does not have a place to write your card's security code, which we do need in order to charge your card. Please email with just the security code, which we will then save to your account, and use for future charges.

Update Payment Type

Are you gaining, losing, or switching insurance plans?

Do you need to establish or update your sliding scale rate?

I currently pay with:
And I am switching to:
Upload File

Thanks for letting us know! We'll be in touch to follow up soon.

Set Up a Payment Plan

Have a balance on your account that you'd like to pay off piece by piece, rather than all at once? That's okay! Just let us know how you'd like to pay it off.

Thanks! Please be in touch if this plan ever needs to change.

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