We are committed to making therapy accessible to Disabled clients. 

Here is some important information about accessing our services.

If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility beyond what's listed here, please email

Finding Our Office

Our address is 1500 Walnut Street, but the entrance to our building is actually on 15th Street, just South of Walnut. The building door is immediately to the right of the restaurant Max Brenner, across the street from the entrance to WeWork.

When you enter the building, the lobby attendant may ask you to sign in.  When you sign in, you do not need to inform them or write down which organization your are visiting; it would be a violation of your rights to privacy under HIPAA. Instead, you can simply say you are visiting the third floor, or going to "the doctor."

Our office is on the third floor, and there are six elevators to take you there. Once you arrive on the third floor, our suite is in the middle of the hallway, in between the sets of elevators.

Our Restrooms

We have several restroom options. Our favorite is the gender-neutral, wheelchair accessible restroom inside our suite. To use this restroom, just proceed into our back office from the waiting room, turning left through the door, and then turn right at the next hallway. The restroom will be immediately on your right around this corner. This restroom does not require a key, so if the door is locked that means it is in use.

There are also gender-specific men's and women's multiple stall bathrooms located outside our suite. Leaving our suite, the women's room is to the left at the end of the hall, and the men's room is to the right through the door to the stairway. Both of these restrooms require a key to enter, which you can get at our front desk. Please remember to bring the key back with you!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility

We work with the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) to provide ASL interpretation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients. If you would like to utilize these services, please email at least two weeks prior to your appointment, so that we have time to confirm an interpreter with DHCC.

Wheelchair and Mobility Accessibility

There are two sets of heavy, automatically closing, hinged doors leading into our building from the sidewalk. There is not an automatic door-open button. Instead, on the right side of the entrance there is a white doorbell which you can press, and the lobby attendant will come open the doors.

There are no steps or stairs to enter our building or office. The doors within our suite do not have automatic door-open buttons, but our front desk staff is available to assist as needed. The doors are all light, have lever handles, and do not close automatically.

Scents and Allergies

Please be aware that our office is NOT scent-free. Occasionally it can be heavily scented, as we do not regulate our therapist's use of incense, candles, or scented humidifiers.

We do have an office dog named Aoife who comes in about once a week. She is not allowed in therapist's offices, but she does occasionally spend time in the waiting room. She is not a hypoallergenic breed, and she does shed.

Assistance Animals

Trained service animals and emotional support animals are welcome in our office. However, pets are not allowed.

If you plan to bring a service animal or emotional support animal to therapy with you, please let us know in advance by emailing or calling 215-545-5402. It helps us to have a heads up about visiting animals so that we can plan in case other animals are expected, or if our office dog is around.

Stay in touch about what's going on at Walnut!

Stay in touch about what's going on at Walnut!

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