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Trans day of remembrance 2022

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

CW: mention of transphobic violence, systemic racism, suicide, death

On this Trans Day of Remembrance we want to honor, affirm and grieve for the trans lives lost over the past year in both this country and the world. We know that there is a disproportionate number of Black and Brown trans women who have lost their lives. Their lives have been taken by individuals who are fueled by a maniacal machine of transphobia, cisnormativity, queer panic and racism. There are also trans lives lost to suicide that has been born out of the insidious messaging that trans lives ought not to exist, hat trans lives disrupt the gender binary in unmanageable ways, and that trans lives and bodies simply should be eradicated.

Beyond death, trans people face loss all day, every day. Loss of dignity, loss of recognition, loss of human rights. We are here to remember all of it, to mourn all of it and to work on restoring humanity to trans people. The exact kind of humanity that defines the texture, nuance and beauty of the trans community; a community that this world would be absolutely lost without.

Art by the incredibly talented, Philly based printmaker Kah Yangni, you can purchase these prints and others on their website -


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