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The Three C's Of couples Therapy

What's the deal with couple's therapy, how does it help, and is it right for you?

1. Connection

Couples therapy can reignite emotional and physical intimacy by addressing underlying issues that may have led to a disconnection. Couples can learn techniques to strengthen their bond and rebuild trust.

2. Conflict

Therapy can help couples identify and address the root causes of their conflicts. By working through issues with a neutral third party, couples can develop healthier conflict resolution strategies, leading to fewer arguments and better understanding.

3. Communication

Couples therapy provides a safe and structured environment for couples to learn effective communication skills. Couples can better express their thoughts, feelings, and needs while also learning to listen and understand their partner.

If you're interested in seeing a clinician for couples therapy, we encourage you to check out Jenna Spitz! She specializes in working with queer individuals and couples, highly sensitive people (HSP), and folks navigating non-traditional relationship models.

For more information, contact us, or begin the intake process here.


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