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Welcome to

Walnut Psychotherapy

We are a clinical practice of

LGBTQ+ affirming therapists in Philadelphia.

We provide mental health care for queer and trans people that is

long term, trauma informed,

and recognizes the impact

that societal marginalization has on the psyche.


 We know that finding the right therapist is a vulnerable process. Even more so if you're a person of marginalized identities. If you're looking for a queer therapist, a trans therapist, a Black therapist, or a therapist of color - you've come to the right place. Having a diverse staff means that we can match you with someone who can relate to your lived experience.

Psychologist Session


Trauma Informed Therapy

We are drawn to restoring meaning to the words "trauma informed care." There are so many institutions and practices that claim the identity of trauma informed care. At Walnut, we are figuring out what that really means, in this world, at this moment, in this system.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, often referred to as psychotherapy, is a place where you are the focus; a place where deep trust and connection leads to healing. We are not a one-size-fits all practice and we approach each individual with the appropriate expertise for their unique struggle.

LGBTQ+ affirming care

We are here to help you on your journey towards self-actualization, however that may look for you. We don’t subscribe to simple concepts about being in or out of the closet, about falling into a gender binary, or to the necessity of nuclear family structures.

Support for Parents of Trans Kids

We are 100% committed to the affirmation of trans identity in children. We know this is a journey for parents and that there are a lot of different systems to navigate, as you support your child. If you are interested in supporting your child as they navigate their trans identity, we are here to partner with you on your journey.

At Walnut, we understand the power of anxiety on overall functioning. We take both the symptoms of anxiety seriously, along with the symbolic nature of those symptoms. We are interested in helping our clients form a deeper understanding of their anxiety, while also helping them to manage it in their daily lives.

We are oriented to both remedying depression through attachment based therapies and tolerating depression, because we know how long it takes to treat. We are in no rush for you to feel better, but we do hope for that and we will hold that tension alongside you as you journey into your therapy with us.

At Walnut, we embrace neurodiversity and neuroqueerness as essential pieces of our clinical orientation and political stance. We take seriously the psychological toll that masking has on your life, and work to create safe spaces for unmasking and affirmation of all neurodivergent traits. We honor the need for stimming, the importance of your interests and areas of expertise, your complex sensory needs, and the intersectionality between queerness, trans identity, and neurodiversity.

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