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msW, lsw

I believe that a trusting relationship is the wellspring from which the benefits of therapy flow. With warmth and unconditional compassion, I aim to create a supportive environment where you can feel safe to show up as your full authentic selves. I believe that our emotions and bodily experiences are messages, and learning to tune into them with curiosity is key to developing self-compassion and experiencing a softer life.

As a queer, trans, and Autistic person myself, I am especially interested in working with clients who share these experiences and are looking for identity congruence with their therapist. Some of my areas of interest include processing trauma, navigating relationships, and sexuality (including non-monogamy and BDSM/kink).

Outside of the office, I am a keen cellist and Muay Thai practitioner. Whatever you are carrying, I am here to offer you a safe place to set it down.

pronouns: they/them

Education and Training

MSW • Temple University

BA: Sociology • SUNY Purchase

Areas of Focus


Sexual identity, gender identity, open/poly relationships, sex positivity, BDSM & kink, trauma & PTSD, Autism spectrum

Theoretical Orientation

  • Psychodynamic

  • Trauma-informed

  • Social justice-oriented

  • Somatic

  • Queer theory

  • Parts work

  • Neurodiversity

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