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msW, lsw

My goal in therapy is to contribute to an environment that is safe and without judgment, where clients can express and explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and relationships. My style is very relaxed; I like to be comfortable in my environment and encourage my clients to be comfortable as well! I believe that building a trusting, nurturing therapeutic relationship is an important step of the healing process (which is not linear, by the way!) I think it's important to truly meet clients where they're at, and if that means we spend the session playing with fidgets, drawing, or sharing music, then that's what we do!


I work with all ages, specializing in children, adolescents, and young adults. I work with a variety of challenges but specialize in disability, neurodivergence (including neuro/tic syndromes), trauma, depression, and anxiety. I practice sex therapy with individuals and couples who have survived sexual violence or trauma (including religious trauma). 


If you think you could benefit from a therapist that is: fat-positive, sex positive, recognizes disability as human diversity, validates systemic barriers,  is a little silly/goofy, likes play therapy, sensory toys, and expressive activities - I would love to meet with you!

pronouns: she/her

Education and Training

MSW • West Chester University


BA: Psychology • State University of New York at New Paltz

Areas of Specialization


Anxiety, depression, grief, abuse, sex, sexual identity, gender identity, stress management, trauma and PTSD, ADHD, chronic illness & pain management, disability, autism spectrum, open/poly relationships, sex positivity, BDSM & kink, Functional Neurological Disorder, Tourette Syndrome

Theoretical Orientation

  • Trauma-informed

  • Client-centered

  • Systems theory

  • Strengths-based

  • Anti-oppressive

  • Disability justice

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