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Elliot believes that therapy at its best provides a safe environment for radical vulnerability and brave accountability. They believe the therapeutic relationship can create healing by modeling healthy boundaries, consent, and creative problem-solving.


Elliot’s practice follows the principle that one should over communicate and under assume, and that you are the expert of your own experience. Elliot views therapy through an anti-oppressive, anti-capitalist, queer/trans affirming, liberatory lens and strives to practice cultural humility with clients whose identities differ from theirs. They are interested in exploring and challenging traits of white supremacy, ableism, fat phobia, and cisheteropatriarchy that may come up in session.


Elliot approaches sessions with candor, warmth, and humor. They do not believe they have all the answers but are interested in asking meaningful questions and exploring paradoxes. Elliot has a background in case management, coping with life crises, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD, and harm-reduction. Some of their areas of interest include queer/trans liberation, sex work, kink, anti-fat bias, spiritual trauma, and issues surrounding creative work.

Education and Training


Temple University  • MSW

BA • English, International Studies • Indiana University

Areas of Specialization

Substance use and addiction, anxiety, depression, sexual identity, gender identity, stress management, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders, phobias

Theoretical Orientation

  • Relational

  • Feminist

  • Anti-racist

  • Strengths-based

  • Social justice oriented

  • Somatic

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