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Amber E Howard


Amber's previous experience as a direct service provider for chronically & formerly homeless individuals living with an array of disabling conditions including serious, persistent mental illness, substance abuse, & HIV/AIDS is largely responsible for her decision to pursue her MSW and transition into the role of therapist. During this time, she observed that each of her clients had a single commonality - a lengthy history of unresolved trauma dating back to their childhood; this was especially true for those Black & brown folx that also inhabited LGBTQ+ identities. Her professional observations coupled with her personal experience as a Black, mixed, bi/pan/queer woman resulted in a desire to work with and on behalf of this population to mitigate the negative impact early trauma can have on their lives rather than merely providing damage control after the fact.


Amber's professional and academic experience reflect a passion for and dedication to supporting folx as they work to create lives in which they feel safe & empowered. She is deeply committed to racial, gender, and social justice and strives to create a space where folx feel seen, heard, understood, & valued.

Education and Training


MSW • West Chester University of Pennsylvania

MA • Cultural Studies • University of Washington - Bothell

BA • Sociology • Western Washington University

BA • American Cultural Studies • Western Washington University

Areas of Specialization

Anxiety, depression, sexual identity, gender identity, racial stress or identity, trauma, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, sex, non-monogamy, BDSM & kink, homelessness

Theoretical Orientation

  • Trauma-informed

  • Transfeminist

  • Client-centered

  • Anti-racist

  • Attachment based

  • Social justice oriented

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