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Human beings deserve kindness, no matter what they’ve been through. As a queer therapist specializing in trauma, PTSD, and survivors of abuse, I hope to create a collaborative space alongside you where you can rebuild autonomy, agency, and self-worth. I use expressive arts and narrative therapy to underscore a fundamental belief that you deserve to have your emotions validated and recognized. Through talk therapy and playful sprinkles of poetry, music, art, and improv, we can work together to create the safety you need to be vulnerable. Your story is worth telling, and I am here to help provide a space where you can tell it.

I also believe that therapy is a space where you can make meaning after traumas that may have stripped your world of purpose. Through radical vulnerability, creative companionship, and deep knowledge of the self, I hope to help recognize the parts of you that have been denied their humanity, and ultimately rebuild a sense of meaning. 

To me, above all, therapy is a recognition of humanity. It says, “You are alive and that matters,” despite or in response to how systems of oppression or individuals within those systems may have tried to dehumanize you. I hope to create an affirming space where you feel safe to exist as your fully human self. 

pronouns: she/her

Education and Training

MSS • Bryn Mawr College 

BA in Psychology and English • Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Focus


Abuse, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders, disability, unhoused people, artists

Theoretical Orientation

  • Trauma-informed

  • Anti-oppressive

  • Mindfulness

  • Narrative

  • Parts work

  • Expressive arts

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