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What is therapy?

At its most basic, psychotherapy is a weekly, hour-long meeting with a mental health professional to attend to your emotional and psychological well-being. However, no two settings or two therapists practice in quite the same way.

At Walnut, we define therapy in a few simple ways. First, therapy is a space that is constructed by the presence of a strong, trusting relationship. The more consistent this relationship (meaning meeting time, space, length, and predictability), the more it presents the opportunity for relief.

The intention of this trusting and consistent relationship is that it makes whatever has felt unsayable, sayable. We believe that therapy is a place where you can practice saying things, being things, and exploring things that have never felt possible before.

It is ultimately through the exploration of new feelings that we become less afraid of our own internal landscapes, leaving us freer to explore ourselves, the world around us, and our relationships. For us, therapy is the act of talking, feeling, and being with another person in a way that feels new, possibly frightening, and eventually liberating. 


Therapy here takes place over the long-term. This means that a treatment relationship typically lasts six months and upwards. It means that you are in therapy for as long as you feel like you should be. We don’t end treatment relationships because of outlying third party interests, like health insurance or having a wait list. We also believe that when you are ready to terminate therapy, that you always know what is best for your own psyche and we defer to this wisdom.

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