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A person who is struggling is not broken. You are not a machine in need of repair, but are instead a complicated and complex beings surviving in a just as complicated and complex world. Thus, I hope to support you through your own self-discovery with radical level of love, acceptance, and compassion so they can model that same love, acceptance, and self-compassion within. I aim to provide a warm, inviting, and brave space to share without fear of judgment. 


I am committed to ensuring a safe, inclusive, and collaborative space where you can explore a variety of issues, establishing a life where you thrive. Some of the issues that I specialize in include the following: sex and gender identity, open/poly relationships, trauma, neurodivergence, depression, anxiety, couples, grief, BDSM/kink, sex therapy.


Starting therapy can bring up many emotions that may be a barrier to reaching out, however I invite you to start the process and know that a real person is on the other side who just wants to be a part of this process with you. A person who wants your individuality, boundaries, and experiences to be honored, respected, and valued. 

pronouns: they/she

Education and Training

Masters in Social Work • New York University, Silver
School of Social Work 

Bachelors in Social Work • Azusa Pacific University


Areas of Specialization


Depression, emerging adulthood, grief, abuse, sex, sexual identity, gender identity, racial stress or identity, stress management, trauma & PTSD, mood disorders, ADHD, disability, Autism spectrum, suicidality, couples, open/poly relationships, sex positivity, BDSM & kink

Theoretical Orientation

  • Psychodynamic

  • Relational

  • Trauma-informed

  • Client-centered

  • Attachment Based

  • Anti-oppressive

  • Parts Work

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