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What Is Therapy?
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Therapy for Therapists

We are a team

of psychotherapists

trained to help you:

Find fulfillment in your life

Reduce the symptoms

that create suffering

Cultivate intimate and

loving relationships

Every psychotherapy practice approaches treatment differently. At Walnut, we have brought together years of experience, and examined our own histories in therapy and supervision, to construct a highly specialized approach to treatment.


The central tenets of this approach are a deep and abiding affirmation of identity, a recognition of the role of trauma, and an attention to attachment and development ruptures. We are committed to the idea that the past makes itself known in the present and that through the therapeutic alliance we can help the past relinquish control over our daily lives.​


When a client comes to us they are thought of with the utmost intricacy and care. Rather than seeking to simply rid our clients of symptoms, we help to lessen symptoms by making meaning of them and respecting their long-standing role in our clients’ efforts to function. While we might have to diagnose for insurance purposes, this is not what leads our thinking.


We are here to treat, learn, and grow together in a way that honors complex psychological functioning and the interplay among identity, development, and attachment. We will see anyone. We are committed to ultimate inclusion and treatment transparency. We don’t see ourselves as the experts, but as partners on the path towards wellness. We see the world as one that suffers with profound unwellness and consider that fact, before localizing the possibility of unwellness in individual minds.

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