Jane Suh


Jane is an MSW candidate at Smith College School for Social Work, joining us as an intern for the 2020-2021 school year.  She has intensive studies in language and psychoanalysis and has interest in exploring how personal grief connects to the collective trauma existent within our own communities. She enjoys working with clients to untangle the painful patterns that keep them stuck, inhibited and disassociated from their true selves.


She has experience as a language instructor and translator for North Korean refugees, college students and immigrants from all around the world. She has worked with communities of color in school settings and is interested in a diverse range of clients with a focus on LGBTQIA folks, artists, academics, veterans and military service members. 


Jane believes that, as clinicians, we help clients to acknowledge complex situations and create meaning where there was once illegible chaos. Jane utilizes thoughtful and empathic listening to help clients locate and express their identities, experiences and memories. 


Jane is fluent in English, French, and Korean and can provide therapy in all three languages.

Education and Training

MSW candidate • Smith College

PhD • French Language and Literature • Emory University

BA • French, Literary Journalism • UC Irvine

Areas of Specialization

Anxiety, depression, trauma, refugees, immigration, military, gender, sexuality, race, religion

Theoretical Orientation

  • Psychoanalytic​

  • Psychodynamic

  • Trauma-informed