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Being a human is weird. It is perhaps the 3rd weirdest experience of my life. One of the things that makes being a human so strange is that we have way too much data. Many things are often true at the same time, which can make navigating life very difficult. How do you balance loving someone and setting healthy boundaries? How is it possible to feel surrounded by people and also feel lonely? If love is something we all need, why is it sometimes so scary? My therapeutic approach is gentle, loving, and playful. I am not the expert of your life. However, I believe that creating time and space to put these big feelings into words can help.


My therapeutic specialty is working with LGBTQ+ folx at the intersection of religious trauma, spiritual formation, and family conflict. I help people construct their own narrative of beliefs and values. I utilize play and curiosity to help people set boundaries and find meaning and hope in the midst of complicated narratives. 


In the spirit of many things being true, I have learned that humor and playfulness are often my constellations to help navigate difficult times. I have found that humor can often disarm the scariness of a situation so that we can lean in closer and learn. I am also trauma-informed and believe that clients have the right to consent about the subject and pace.

pronouns: he/they

Education and Training

Master of Arts of Marriage and Family Therapy • Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary  

BA in Psychology • Hanover College


Areas of Specialization


Religious trauma, family conflict, anxiety, sex, gender identity, sexual identity, racial stress or identity, trauma and PTSD, phobias, open / poly relationships, sex positivity

Theoretical Orientation

  • Trauma-informed

  • Anti-racist

  • Systems theory

  • Strengths-based

  • Narrative

  • Constructivist

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