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Consulting & training

In 2019, we have expanded our services to include highly specialized consultations and trainings for local agencies, organizations, and corporations. We can customize a consultation or training for you based on your needs, or you can request an evaluation of your needs regarding queer competency.

These services are based on a dynamic and constant research process that is informed by the most cutting edge and recent findings based on work with the LGBTQ population.

To inquire about our consulting services, please email:

We Offer Training and Consultation in These Areas of Expertise:

Best practices for affirming and supporting the LGBTQ community

Creating safe spaces for trans minds and bodies

Working at Intersections: How to hold and honor multiple marginalized identities

Letter-writing for trans people: how to access and secure medical services for trans people by working directly with insurance providers

Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance: how to challenge the oppressive diet industrial complex that prevents people of size from securing supportive care

Working with the reality of treating trans youth in transphobic families and systems, including advocacy and educational strategies

The psychological trauma of homophobia and transphobia on the LGBTQ population

Creating healthcare spaces that support and affirm the LGBTQ population

At the Intersection of Co-Morbidities: training mental health providers to recognize the frequently co-occuring mental health issues that impact the LGBTQ community

Incorporating queer theory and critical race theory into psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic practices

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