Office Dog

Aoife (pronounced "EE-fa") is our resident office dog, and our practice manager Gabriel's baby. She comes into the office about once a week to shower us with licks and fur. She mostly hangs out in Gabe's office, so swing by if you'd like to say hi!

Aoife was rescued from the hills of Oakland California. She survived a series of medical hardships and is now happy and healthy. Despite her large size, she is very shy (and sweet!) around humans.

Note that dogs are not allowed in our building unless they are service animals, emotional support animals, or Aoife. If you do plan to bring a service animal or ESA, Aoife would appreciate a heads up. Just email Thanks!

pronouns: she/her

Stay in touch about what's going on at Walnut!

Stay in touch about what's going on at Walnut!

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